The use of nanomaterials and nanotechnologies in industrial production is recently growing in all sectors, with potential benefits for the economy, consumers, health, and the environment. However, potential adverse impacts may exist, and it is necessary to identify, assess, rank and manage those impacts to minimize uncertainties and risks.

ECSIN, a ECAMRICERT S.r.l. laboratory, is a research centre dedicated to the support and promotion of sustainable development of nanotechnologies. It combines the attention toward the efficacy of the proposed technological solutions with the attention to their safety toward human and environmental health. ECSIN represents a unique competence center supporting national and international innovative industries.

why us?

Through the participation to research projects at European and national level, and its network of contacts across Europe, ECSIN is consolidating and improving its robust knowledge base on different aspects of the nanotechnology innovation, such as nanomaterials and nano-enabled products development.