Activities offered by ECSIN Lab in the field of sustainable innovation based on nanotechnology can be grouped in three main concepts:

Product and process innovation to significantly improve their performance. ECSIN Lab, with its network, has the ability to evaluate and improve performances of products and processes, proposing innovative solutions.

Basic pre-requisite to get authorization for commercialization. Nanomaterial safety assessment requires the development and application of methods and protocols at the state-of-the-art in a dedicated laboratory such as ECSIN.

Conformity to the regulatory requirements. In the nanotechnology sector, still partially regulated and subjected to interpretation by competent authorities on borderline cases, it is essential the interaction with a variety of actors and decision makers at different levels for putting into the market an innovative product. ECSIN supports companies starting from the definition of nanomaterials to the identification of experimental plans and authorization procedures.

These three concepts are applied to the innovation chain, implementing the Safe Innovation approach to SMEs, as promoted at European level. ECSIN provides its services thanks to the experience gained in research and development, and shown in the page.

industrial sectors

Nanotechnologies can be applied in the innovation process of any industrial sector. Among others, ECSIN is focused on:

  • Food applications: food supplements, additives, ingredients, food packaging and food contact materials;
  • Biomedical applications: pharmaceutical products and medical devices;
  • Cosmetics applications;
  • Cultural heritage restoration;
  • Others: construction materials, textiles, leather

ECSIN can also provide specific solutions for the client needs, whichever industrial application sector, through the nanomaterials characterization and the assessment of efficacy and safety of proposed solutions.