nanomaterials physico-chemical characterization

Innovation based on nanotechnology requires a proper physico-chemical characterization of nanomaterials, both for the regulatory identification and for the assessment of properties and functions. ECSIN Lab possesses state-of-the-art equipment, allowing the measurement of different physico-chemical properties in different matrices, and employing standardized and nano-specific methodologies. A list of the instruments and methodologies is listed here. For measurements not included in the list, ECSIN can rely on a network of qualified partners supporting the identification of the best solution for client needs.

Efficacy is linked to functionality of the innovative product/process such as the improvement of stability of a nutraceuticals formulation, bioavailability/bioaccessibility of an active ingredient, the improvement of gas barrier properties of food packaging, mechanical and chemical resistance of coatings, anti-microbial properties of biomedical products and construction materials. ECSIN can provide to clients ad hoc assessment on a variety of products and functionalities, planning he experimental development and keeping in mind regulatory requirements in terms of safety. More details in the brochures.



Product safety for human health and the environment is a pre-requisite to obtain authorization to place on the European market new products. The safety assessment is regulated at European and national level, also through guidelines for the risk assessment issued by different organizations.
Safety requires the assessment and management of risks for workers, environment and consumers. Assessment and management of risks is an integral part of the regulatory framework, and it is essential for building the technical dossiers to be provided to competent authorities when asking for placing to the market authorization.
Safety means also exposure and toxicity. ECSIN measures exposure to nanomaterials (environment, consumers, workers) and it tests nanomaterial toxicity as provided and during its use.