The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has recently published a new guidance on the safety evaluation of nanotechnology in food and feed. The guidance ( covers areas such as novel foods, food contact materials, food and feed additives, pesticides, and provides applicants with the necessary information addressing potential risks arising from applications of nanotechnologies in the food and feed chain.


This new guideline promotes the safe development and innovation of nanotechnologies in the food sector, increasing the competitiveness of Italian and European companies.


ECSIN (European Center for the Sustainable Impact of Nanotechnology) Laboratory of ECAMRICERT SRL, has for years been a reliable partner to support companies in the safety assessment on a regulatory basis of nanotechnologies in the food sector.


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Active packaging and nanomaterials: it can be done!

The European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) recently published a positive scientific opinion concerning the safety assessment of Selenium nanoparticles (50-90 nm) used as antioxidant in active packaging (Regulation 450/2009). Nanoparticles are incorporated in the adhesive between two layers of a multilayer plastic film at a concentration of o,002 mg/dm2, to be used in contact with food sensitive to oxidation such as meat, fish, dried fruit. The motivation at the basis of the positive opinion is the lack of nanoparticles migration into food from the packaging, which was assessed by applying standard protocols and dedicated nano-tecnhniques (e.g. A4F and TEM) which are also available in ECSIN.

So, good news for the innovative food packaging industry. ECSIN could be a reliable partner for companies willing to develop new nano-enabled packaging, supporting safety and efficacy assessment, as well as accompanying them along the authorization process according top regulation.

ECSIN presents nanotechnologies in packaging. The regulatory point of view

ECSIN presented, in late September 2017 at the Istituto Italiano Imballaggi in Milan, different practical aspects relevant for companies, linked to the application of nanotechnologies in packaging, mainly for food and cosmetics. The topics included functionality and regulations, physicochemical characterization, and sustainability. An extract of the presentations was published in three parts on the Magazine "the pcMAG", of which this is the first one. The article, in Italian, presents functionalities and regulations, and can be seen here.