Active packaging and nanomaterials: it can be done!

The European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) recently published a positive scientific opinion concerning the safety assessment of Selenium nanoparticles (50-90 nm) used as antioxidant in active packaging (Regulation 450/2009). Nanoparticles are incorporated in the adhesive between two layers of a multilayer plastic film at a concentration of o,002 mg/dm2, to be used in contact with food sensitive to oxidation such as meat, fish, dried fruit. The motivation at the basis of the positive opinion is the lack of nanoparticles migration into food from the packaging, which was assessed by applying standard protocols and dedicated nano-tecnhniques (e.g. A4F and TEM) which are also available in ECSIN.

So, good news for the innovative food packaging industry. ECSIN could be a reliable partner for companies willing to develop new nano-enabled packaging, supporting safety and efficacy assessment, as well as accompanying them along the authorization process according top regulation.